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Fall 2016


Alaska Division is one division of nine, under the umbrella of American Snowsports Educational Association. Alaska is also completely different in how events are organized from any other division. Alaska does actively bring in to the state National Team members and divisional staff from one of the other eight divisions to help. This is a great benefit to Alaska Division members in ensuring that you are getting current material and that exams are meeting National Standards through the examiner exchange cooperation.

To set up Training or Certification

 Contact your Ski School director to see about setting up  training


Organize five instructors and or coaches who are similarly motivated to train and or become certified. The PSIA Alaska FaceBook page is an excellent way to reach out in search of others interested in training that you want to see.

South Central is currently looking at setting up training and certification for Alpine, Cross Country and Snowboard 



Congratulations to Tony Macri for making the new snowboard team! Plan your winter snowboard training now, for certification and training with Tony and Alaska’s own Chris Rogers! Tony will be in the state in December of 2016!


National Surveys

Next week, McKinley Advisors will send a random selection of members an email with a link that invites them to participate in the survey. There will be two surveys that will be sent:


  • Professional Issues Survey: Research survey focused on understanding the needs and challenges of snowsports instructors. It will be run on a quarterly basis throughout the year. This survey also includes Ends reporting measures.
  • New Member Survey: A brief survey delivered to all new members of PSIA-AASI. It focuses on awareness of PSIA-AASI, reasons for joining, and anticipated participation with the organization. This survey will be conducted on a quarterly basis throughout the year, delivered to all new members that joined since the previous survey wave was conducted.


To reduce survey fatigue, there will be a random selection of PSIA-AASI members that receive the invite to participate. The random assignment of members ensures that survey results will be valid and replicable, while allowing PSIA-AASI to conduct multiple waves throughout the year. Additionally, by randomly selecting only a sample of members for each survey, PSIA-AASI will be minimizing the number of survey requests any individual member will receive during the year.

Membership Dues

National are $67 and Alaska Division dues are again $50. Discounts available for students  ($25 off) and military ( ALL fee’s waived while serving active duty)

Click here to renew your dues online. Sign into the National Customer Relation Management system.


Are you thinking about becoming a new instructor for teaching winter sports?

Are you curious about becoming a new instructor? Click here to watch a online presentation about the benefits and job of becoming an instructor. Click here for what it is like working with students, and here for an online module on equipment

*Looking for new member paperwork, click here for informationor click  Alaska Membership Application 2015/2016*or click on membership!

*Looking for the National Website*, Click here

Don’t miss out on this years Annual or Bi annual Membership Meeting

Meeting place TBD

Here are some notes from the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting,

Attendance: Al Clough, Matt Wendell, Megan Spurkland, David Goddard, Warren Souther and former BOD members Bill Ellis and Duane Anderson

Proposed changes to ByLaws to include Staggered Elections and for Vacancy

  1. 5.3 Number, Election and Term in Office: The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) directors elected by the Members entitled to vote, terms running from July 1 to June 30. Elections will be held during the month of April with results announced by May 15.  Directors will hold office for three (3) years.  Starting with the April 2015 election the board shall adopt staggered elections.  The top two vote receivers in the 2015 election shall serve 3 year terms.  The second two vote receivers shall serve 2 years terms and the next highest vote receiver shall serve a 1 year term.  At the expiration of each of these terms the board seat(s) will be offered to the membership for election to full three year term(s).  The president may appoint an interim Director, should a vacancy occur, to the hold the position until the term of the seat expires at which time the seat will become due for election by the members.  There are three non-voting, ex officio members of the Board; the Certification Chair; Education Chair, and Ski School Chair.
  2. 5.3.1 Vacancy.  If a director submits written notice by mail or email to the division s/he may be dismissed from obligation to serve as an Alaska Division Director.  If a director has four or more unexcused meetings in a single year, s/he will be dismissed as a director and an interim director may be appointed by the president to fill out the remaining board term.
  • Feedback to BOD. Improve communications.

On that note! Contact information is on this website under “Contacts” or go to our FaceBook page and leave a comment there. Or email us. Please  let us know if there is a broken link, a clinic you wish to see or what ever is on your mind.


Alaska Division has a Facebook page! Post your photo’s, video’s and comments! Tell us what your up to!

Learn how to Ski or Snowboard. Or learn Cross Country skiing! Take a lesson with one of our member ski schools.